Some kind words...

“I found out about Spiral Up through a friend of mine. I found Lou to be very patient and I felt so cared for with her kind and compassionate words, healing touch and empathic nature. While speaking with her I realized some patterns that I hadn't thought about before. Her visualizations, guided breathing and concern reflect how genuine she is and how passionate she is about helping people and creating a safe space for us. Much love and gratitude.”

Ann Brennan,

I had been under a lot of stress and felt like my body was falling apart. Using massage and healing energy, Spiral Up put me on track to feeling fantastic.”

Pidgy Blakston,

“Even after just the first hour-long treatment with Lou, I felt more soothed, healed and relaxed than I had in years. It was truly an inspirational experience that really seemed to merge mind and body for me. Each one since has made me feel progressively better, and I now look at the world with an entirely different and much more positive attitude. That’s thanks to you Lou!”

Darragh Hughes,

I had been trying to conceive for over a year. I am in my late thirties and was starting to get worried as nothing was happening. I had on-going reflexology sessions for a few months with Lou and recently found out I am pregnant. I could not believe the positive effects of reflexology. Thank you Lou and your magic hands!