Magnified Healing


Holistic Approach

Magnified Healing is a holistic approach to healing your body naturally.  The Magnified Healing Practitioner combines healing energy with voice and movement.

Magnified Healing requires that the client actively participate in their healing process.  The client remains relaxed. Magnified Healing is done while sitting or lying down fully clothed.  The Magnified Healing Practitioner places one hand in front of the body of the client who is receiving the Magnified Healing treatment and the other on the back of the client.
The energy goes from one hand to the other through the body of the client. It is different from Reiki because the client is actively participating in their healing process.  The practitioner releases all misqualified energies and imbalances.  These imbalances are what cause disease & poor health.


Who would benefit from Magnified Healing?

Everyone can benefit from Magnified Healing. If you are healthy, the energy works to help you stay clear and balanced.  While not a miracle cure, many clients experience a significant relief of physical ailments from receiving Magnified Healing. Others may experience a release of repressed emotional baggage that has been keeping them blocked or stuck. The recipient’s response to treatment varies with their individual needs.

The Magnified Healing technique is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. The technique is in no way to be considered as a substitute to your own inner guidance, or consultation with a licensed health care professional. We never make any claim that Magnified Healing only will heal the person. We believe in a combination of allopathic and alternative healing treatments.

Treatment of Magnified Healing

During the treatment your chakras will be balanced, the calcium along your spine will be re-distributed properly, karma between you and many others will be released, and the nervous system will be re-aligned and re-connected.

Only €60 per one hour treatment.